Individualized, Complete Wellness Programs

At 360° Wellness we believe that no two people are completely alike. That’s why we create a wellness program that works for you, by following these simple 3 steps. You can also jump to our wellness program offerings here, or request a free consult.

Step 1: Define your goals

Each of us is looking for something different, and the challenges we face getting there are equally unique. Nevertheless, there are just a few primary ingredients in the recipe for great health. Once we know where we want to go, it is all the more simple to chart the course we must follow to get there.

Step 2: Chart your path

In order to think, feel, and experience our best we need to consider the body as more than mere flesh and bones. By the same token, we achieve health by looking at the body as more than a machine.

By educating clients about healthy lifestyle choices, we help you set the stage for optimum results. Our programs are designed to help transition you and your family from conventional toxic chemicals and processed foods, into a more natural and sustainable way of living.

Through practices such as Tai Chi and Qigong we learn how to merge the mind with the breath in order to ENHANCE health within our own bodies. These practices not only build strength but also calm the mind, relieve stress, and open our senses up to enhanced creativity.

Through acupuncture, and myofascial bodywork we can open and release scar tissue, enhance blood circulation, and relieve pain; all of which lead to increases in energy, mood, and our general thirst for life.

With modalities such as homeopathy, intuitive questioning, and energy work we can expand from a place of awareness, embrace wisdom, and align our ideals with our actions. Although past traumas sometimes linger within us for years, or even decades, these types of tools help to clear the past and make room for a brighter future.

Step 3: Make a commitment

Our goal is to design a program which works for you; but that is only half the equation. Real change occurs when Action and Direction work as one. We help define the direction, and the action is up to you. Nothing is more powerful to heal you than your own choice to make it so. Without gimmicks or bravado we will stand beside the commitment you make and support you with the necessary tools, training, and therapy, 150% of the way.

Make a choice today to take action and realize a brighter tomorrow.


One 50 minute acupuncture treatment and access to 4 classes each week.

$250 per month.


One 90 minute Acupuncture PLUS treatment (acupuncture + myofascial/energy work) and access to 4 classes each week.

$450 per month.


One 40 minute personal qigong lesson and access to 4 classes each week.

$200 per month

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