Testimonials for Sean & Jeni


As someone with no insurance, staying healthy is even more important. Jeni has helped me with overturning 46 years worth of bad habits. With her advice and suggestions for homeopathic remedies and cleaner eating habits, both myself and my daughter never even had a cold thru this Chicago winter when everyone else was taken out left and right with the flu. I am in the “baby steps” process but I find with every change – no matter how small – I feel better about myself and how I feed my daughter. If I lived in Florida, I’d be all over the acupuncture and Tai Chi with Sean…….STRONGLY recommend getting advice and “treatment” with Jeni and Sean

I had a great healing experience after my acupuncture session with Sean. His knowledge and skilled application of acupuncture returned my body to a state of homeostasis which sped up my body’s own healing mechanism, thus allowing me to heal quickly and painlessly. Acupuncture and homeopathy can be healing in more ways than one. Sean and Jeni at “360 Degree Wellness” can help you get to the underlying root of your problem too by helping ‘kick start’ your body into healing mode, inside and out! Thanks to you both for helping me. What a blessing to have “360 Degree Wellness” in Sarasota Florida!!

Testimonials for Sean


Like most health conscious people over 70 years old, I want an outstanding exercise program that is effective and manageable as I age. Balance and flexibility are my biggest challenges, now that Sean has cleared up all traces of arthritis. Sean’s Qigong program, four different styles of healing exercise over five days each week, provides effective and sustainable remedies for me. I now can easily perform movements I couldn’t do at all four months ago. My flexibility and overall energy are greatly improved. These classes provide a combination of the best elements of the Tai Chi and Yoga practices I have done in the past. And since Sean is part of my family, I’ll always know where to find him.

…a true gift. Sean’s vast knowledge, dedication and passion is infectious. His creativity and personal approach to his teaching caters to all skill levels. Sarasota is fortunate to have such talent in it’s midst.

Sean’s classes and treatments are a ‘game changer’ – I can now respond to my body’s day-to-day challenges without pain or fear of pain – Being active and enjoying life without pain! What a concept!!

The best in town! His work of art will transform your mind, body and spirit. Work from the heart and experience. Be open and experience the change within.

Thanks for today Sean… Great acupuncture session followed by powerful qi gong, love the combo. Must do it again. Blessings.

Testimonials for Jeni


I’ve had several moments where I have been AMAZED by homeopathy. My son was sick I grabbed my kit and started dosing him. After the first dose he seemed a little better second dose again a little better third dose GONE! He changed from a lethargic state to 100%. He was eating and playing normally. All in ONE day!!!! Incredible!

I came down with the influenza virus. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had 105 temp at the highest point. I started dosing and within just a couple days I came out of feeling deadly to 100%.

Kerri J.

Working with Jeni is a treat.  She’s well informed and has a wide array of experience in guiding nutritionally as well as homeopathically.  I was very happy to see my husband, who is older, regain lost weight and become brighter in his thinking as a result of the remedies he used.  Jeni’s encouragement is wonderful and her kindness remarkable.  I would recommend that anyone use her services, whether addressing large issues or small; she knows what she’s doing!

Mina Gibb

My daughter had a “thing” on her foot. I say “thing”, because she saw 3 different doctors over the course of 4 months who told me she stepped on something and the body would naturally push it out OR they could do surgery! So we waited and waited and her foot just got worse and was causing her a lot of pain. Sure enough, I decided to treat her for a wart homeopathically and in 3 days it was GONE! That fast! After months of suffering and having the WRONG diagnosis! Homeopathy is AMAZING!

I contacted Jeni Clark in the spring of 2016 (while tackling a couple of life changes) to ask for help in lessening my anxiety and my lack of feeling grounded. We spoke for at least an hour and a half and also sent numerous emails going back and forth.

When I subsequently received her recommendations for treatment, I was very resistant to her suggestions and openly questioned them as I felt that she had misdiagnosed me.  I pointed out that perhaps I hadn’t given her enough information or insights into who I was as a person. Jeni gently suggested that I might just give her recommendations a try anyway and that we could always go in a different direction if she were proven wrong. As Jeni is such a kind and gentle person I eased up and decided to give her ‘prescriptions’ a try… I’m so very glad I did.

The first day I took Arsenic Album I had a long-overdue meeting with a very difficult relative (I had even opted to Jeni that I start the remedy the day after that meeting just in case… however she gently coaxed me into starting right way, suggesting it would actually help me during the meeting) and it was a huge success. I felt grounded, reasonable, calm, and objective which caused my relative to open up. We have found a lot of common ground which still resonates to this day and has proven very useful.

The remedies that Jeni prescribed have been instrumental in my feeling grounded ever since. In addition, I had her prescribe several remedies for my dog who had persistent hot spots despite eating a carefully prepared, allergy-free, diet. Jeni’s remedies did the trick for my little dog within three days. It has simply been amazing.

I would highly recommend Jeni for any health challenges you might be facing. In addition to ‘knowing her stuff’ she offers several thoughtful suggestions and will patiently work with you to figure it all out.

I have known Jeni for many MANY years. I contacted her for help to quit smoking about 8 months ago. We had a great chat, covered lots of information and she gave me her professional recommendation. I have always been one to look for home remedies for things so going the homeopathic route wasn’t out of the norm for me. However, as a single mother with no health insurance it now became mandatory. I took her advice, ordered the stuff and then…..nothing. Not that it didn’t work. I didn’t take it. LOL And when I did, it was so irregular. See, I’ve smoked for 30+ YEARS. I know all the down sides to it…smells, expensive, can kill me….I know all of that but the bottom line was I enjoyed smoking. I really did. But, I slowly started to realize I like BREATHING better. With a very active 5-year old involved in tumbling and cheer, I was realizing exactly how hard it was to get on the floor and help her practice. I was realizing how sluggish I had become…and LAZY. Being menopausal didn’t help…..so, I took back out the Caladium and the Tobacum and I started taking it every morning….just like Jeni told me to do …..and one day as I was standing outside smoking and whacking bugs it dawned on me….I wasn’t enjoying that cigarette. I really wasn’t. That’s when I started to realize that this whole smoking thing was not a “need” but a habit….and a habit I could indeed break. Physically? Easy peasy….Mentally? Oh boy…..

I have been a smoker for more than half my LIFE. Anyone who knows me knows I smoke….I have always been the one with the stinky ass car and who has to wait outside restaurants or stores to finish my cigarette. To stop doing this meant to change an entire part of myself and that wasn’t going to be easy. And it terrified me….so now I’m menopausal AND trying to change a huge part of me? Oh boy……I continued to take the Caladium and Tobacum every morning with my daily vitamins…I also started taking St. John’s Wort for my menopause symptoms…..and then, the day came…..my last cigarette. I smoked it…I didn’t enjoy it…and that was that….I threw out the ash trays…I took every lighter out of my purse and car…man do I have a lot of lighters….LOL…and that was it….

I would love to say it was simple….it wasn’t. But I also recognized right away my body was not craving nicotine. It was looking for that habit….and the habit was what was the hardest thing to break. Within a couple of days, I noticed I woke up and took a deep breath and didn’t cough up a lung….or cough at all. I noticed a few days later that the urges were getting easier to battle. I would tell myself to get thru it hour by hour…..it wasn’t easy and I won’t lie about it but it was ALL mental….and I wasn’t about to let a little piece of paper wrapped around tobacco get the better of me. I lasted almost 2 weeks…and then, I’m sorry to say, I gave into temptation…..I bought a pack of cigarettes…and I smoked them….and when I finished them I confirmed what I really already knew…..I did NOT enjoy them…..and I walked away. When Monday rolled around, I was out of cigarettes, I haven’t bought or smoked one since (my neighbor smokes and I could easily get one from her)….and I don’t miss it….

It’s still VERY strange to not be smoking….it’s been such a part of me for so long…it literally is a HUGE part of me that I changed….but it’s a huge part of me that I needed to change….I cannot thank Jeni enough for her suggestion and her help…..I have tried numerous times to quit with no results. I would never last more than 2 days. To say that in a MONTH I have only had one stumble is nothing short of a miracle…..and, I might add, that a couple months ago, a doctor told me I was bi-polar. Guess what? No smoking….clearer thinking….mood swings under control….and not ONE prescription….All homeopathic and herbal….and I can NOT thank Jeni enough…..she saved what was left of my sanity…helped my finances and probably saved my life…THANK YOU JEN…..THANK YOU……

The picture on the right is 1 month before GAPS and the picture on the left is 3 months after we started GAPS. We were still on intro at this point.  I think the picture speaks for it’s self.

And… Here are some blog posts I did when we started GAPS:




Hi Jeni! I saw your post on your real food fb group and I’m a walking testimonial to eating real food. I started the paleo challenge at my gym on January 7. I’m 90 days strong now eating paleo and real food. I’ve lost 25 pounds in 60 days, almost 9% body fat, and am in the healthiest shape of my life!

J. Rice

Organic, unprocessed, gluten free Easter was a success. Xoxo Thanks Jeni Clark! excited for my recipie binder… Proof you can cook and eat REAL food and it still be amazing!!

S. Camfield

I thought I was a healthy eater until I started to actually research nutrition and the food system. Having Jeni, the Real Food Gal as a source as well as other books and documentaries helped me realize that “healthy” in America (ie: the fat free, diet soda, turkey sandwich, pretzels, and lean cuisines diet) can be deadly and is causing heart disease, obesity and a nutrition deficit. It’s amazing how your body and mind can feel after feeding it the real nutrition it needs. Do your research, don’t blindly believe the labels!

Courtney Hubbard

I received my binder. Love, love, love the hard work you put into this. I’m super excited to make every recipe!  I already made, “Calei’s Crazy Coconut Chicken” (love the name by the way) and it tasted fantastic. 🙂 Thanks so much!


After giving up dairy, eating clean fruits, veggies & meats, learning SO much from the “real food gal” as well as research done due to my daughter’s autism journey, I have lost 25 lbs AND lowered my blood pressure tremendously!!! I feel SO much better and it feels so amazing knowing I am feeding my family the best way possible! Jeni’s chicken soup is a favorite in our house! My parents were in town for a visit and I made the chicken soup for dinner one night and my mom said it was the best soup she had ever had!


My son can’t believe that the (Real Food Gal) BBQ chicken is healthy….” This tastes too good to be healthy!!!!  It is FREAKIN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


WOW… I already buy raw unroasted, untoasted, unseasoned nuts… during the Whole Life Challenge, and even with already being a label reader, I was shocked to see how many nuts actual have ADDED fats to them… and truth is if they are raw, unsalted, and unseasoned they aren’t a trigger food that causes over consumption… but I didn’t realize I should be soaking and dehydrating my raw nuts…. but my FB friend Jeni Clark has a really interesting post about this http://www.realfoodgal.com/search/label/Nuts%20and%20Seeds – and if you don’t think this girl knows her stuff, then I encourage you to read her my story on her blog…. from years of personal health issues and experience I’d trust what this woman says over someone with a nutrition degree…. in fact one person studying for their nutrition degree… their book said margarine is a better option then butter…. THAT is scary, that a book to help someone study for a degree in nutrition, would advocate a chemically laden frankensubstance like margarine, over butter???